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Lil Jon Pimp Cup


You may have heard it from somewhere or you may have seen it but you can’t put a name on it. These are goblets that are studded with diamonds or semi precious stones that look funky and warped from the medieval ages. They come in different colors and even in different shapes and sizes and they're called pimp cups. Sometimes they're referred to as crunk cups or pimp goblets. These are the cups you usually see on MTV for rap videos being held by funky rappers.

They come in different styles and one of the most common is the Lil Jon pimp cups. This is named after the famous artist and rapper Lil Jon wherein he was spotted drinking his crunk juice in one of his videos Get Low. A lot of people are pointing him as the one who made these cups a trend nowadays especially in college houses. He was deemed by others as originator of these funky cups that are until now still used by a lot of people either for decorative purposes or simply for use for drinking. This pimp cup was named after him for his contributions to the music industry as well as to the things he's done in the name of fashion. he's collaborated with numerous artists and is also the name behind the production of numerous hit songs.

Pimp cups, crunk cups or pimp goblets however you want to call it these cups are giving cups a new look and a new experience for drinking. These are just really fancy and cool to look at that others are already making a collection out of these cups. So if you're looking for a new way to enjoy your drink then you better be ready with the invasion of these pimp cups.


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