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Custom Pimp Cup


The rave that these stone covered cups caused are quite astonishing that wherever you go there are stores that are offering these already. A lot of people are into collecting these items as they look really interesting with those gems encrusted on it. One would even think that these cups are from the medieval ages especially those that have rustic effects on it. Because of its growing popularity a lot of people are already customizing their own pimp cups.

Pimp cups also known as pimp goblets are sometimes very expensive especially those that come with real stones. Gem stones like diamonds, rubies and other gems can be used to make these cups while of course there are the least expensive versions of these using rhinestones. Custom pimp cups are available on line where you can just send in your orders or design and they'll make it for you basing on your requirements and how you'd like to have your cups look like. There are also stores that specialise in the customization of your cups however both of these options are bit expensive. It'll be more expensive of course if you opt to have those real stones. Then of course it'd be nice if you've something that's custom made just for you or you’ll have it customized as a gift.

There is another option though for you to still get your custom pimp cups. This one doesn’t cost a lot and you can just use any steam ware glass that you've at home. All you need is glue, some paint and rhinestones that you can purchase from your local stores. Just paint the glass if you want or just use it in its clear state and then just glue the stones one by one. Just make sure that everything is already dry before you use it and voila you already your own custom pimp cup!


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